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As of December 31, 2023 Dr. Elliott has closed his Ophthalmology Practice

    There is no change for individuals visiting Dr. Elliott for FAA Medical Certification Services and he continues to welcome both new and retuning airman. He does all classes of exams, EKGs when needed for First Class Pilots, and is HIMS certified. Dr. Elliott also does Eye Certification Exams for Police Officer Candidates.


If you have an emergency:

When flying squawk 7700

  When on the ground call 911




Office Procedures due to the COVID

Inquiring about any COVID symptoms when entering the offices

Reduced our schedule to limit the amount of people in the office at one time.


Reconfigured waiting rooms for proper space between patients. Adjacent chairs are for individuals living together


Different windows to check in and out to promote social distancing


Increased our frequency of medical grade cleansing of our office furniture and equipment.


Offering telephone or telemedicine consultations when appropriate.


Masks are optional, and if you wish staff to wear one make a request.   


  For more information visit the latest CDC Guidelines


Office Information


        Please spend a few minutes visiting our web site.  This page provides basic information summarizing bemd.com and describes the services that Dr. Elliott has for both pilots and physicians. Your FAA Medical Exam explains the process for obtaining an FAA Medical Certificate, and there is information on BasicMed which is the FAA option to the conventional Third-Class Medical.   


   Our Milford office is at 521 S. Dupont Blvd and in Milford, Dupont Blvd is US 113. If you are heading north on US 113 we are located on the east side of the highway in the second building after the Delaware 36 intersection.  If you are traveling south on US 113 make a U turn at the second traffic light after crossing the railroad tracks.  This is the US 113 Delaware 36 intersection, and we are located in the 2nd building on the right.    Google maps is quite precise with respect to our location.


Contacting us


   Our land line phone number is (302) 422-3034 and the cell number is (302) 331-9346.  If you receive a recording, via a return text message please leave your name, what you require, and a good time for us to call you back.


  Our unencrypted e-mail is faa@bemd.com and for confidential information use the encrypted e mail address which is https://sendsafe.to/faa@bemd.com  Our fax number is (844) 965-9723 


Our snail mail address is:

Brett Elliott MD PA
P O Box 193
Milford DE 19963-0193





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