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The Eyes Have It At bemd.com!

    Please spend a few minutes visiting bemd.com, which is the medical web site for Dr. Brett Elliott.  This page provides basic information summarizing bemd.com and describes the services that Dr. Elliott has for both patients and physicians. The  User Agreement Page contains the rules for the use of this web site.

    The primary goal of bemd.com is to provide education and information.  There are two main sections.   Dr. Brett Elliott intends the first section for his eye patients and the second for applicants who are applying for pilot medical certificates.  In both sections there is local information and links to other resources.

   The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates that physicians have formal policies describing how patient health care information is disclosed, and the rights patients have with respect to this data. The pages on Medical Privacy describe these procedure, and they were last updated on  July 26, 2013.  Dr. Brett Elliott's  Corporate Compliance section details corporate compliance policies germane to his practice.   

    These pages will never be completed as medicine is constantly changing. If you have a web venue that is a valuable resource make a recommendation so Dr. Elliott may include it on bemd.com. 

 Please send a note or visit our "From you..."  page letting us know about items that you would like to see on bemd.com, what was particularly worthwhile, and what was not helpful.  

                                                                  Brett Elliott, M.D.


Office Information

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Milford, Delaware Office  (Click on the picture to enlarge and then use your Back Browser Button to return)

   Our Milford office is at 521 S. DuPont Highway, and in Milford DuPont Highway is US Highway 113.  If  you are traveling north on US 113 we are located on the right side of the highway in the  second building after the US 113 - Delaware 36 intersection.  If you are traveling south on US 113 make a U turn at the second traffic light after crossing the railroad tracks.  This is the US 113 Delaware 36 intersection, and we are located in the 2nd building on the right .   All Class I, II, and III FAA pilot medical exams and FAA Electrocardiograms are done at this location.  Our phone number  is (302) 422-3034.

   Our Dover office was closed as of December 1, 2013, and we  welcome  patients seen there to our Milford office. 


If  You Have an Emergency

    If there is an emergency during normal office hours please call our office and Dr. Elliott will see you if possible. For after hour emergencies our answering service number is (302) 441-0659.   If you can not obtain immediate attention by calling our office or answering service, dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

For Eye Patients Visiting Us


    If you have been referred from the emergency room bring in their discharge instruction sheet.  If you are referred from another physician's office a note or your personal knowledge regarding the issue that is prompting your visit will often save phone calls.


   Bring with you eye drops or ointment that you are using.


   Have a list of other medications you are taking, drug allergies and significant non-ophthalmic conditions or surgeries.


   When possible bring a driver as we often dilate your pupils and this can make it more difficult to see for several hours after the exam.  This is particularly important if you can not see properly because of incorrect glasses  or ocular disease.


   If you are a contact lens wearer bring in your contact lens care kit and case if you have one. If you have glasses bring them in even if they are broken as it is useful to know what you are used to wearing. 


   When you are transferring from another practitioner bring in previous treatment records if they are easily obtainable.  If you do not have them and we need them for ongoing care you will be asked to fill out a record release request form.


    If you have questions write them down and bring them with you. At the completion of the exam we ask if you have any and this is a good time to address them.  If you remember one you forgot call our office and we will return your call.


    When new patients arrive they are requested to fill out a one-page form.  If you wish, print it, and bring it in completed.  Click on you Browser Back Button to return here after printing the page. Currently we are not having forms filled out online because of privacy considerations.


Insurance, HMO Information and Payment Methods

    We are a participating Medicare provider, and accept the various forms of Coventry, Aetna and Blue Cross Insurance's. At the time of service any co payments and/or deductibles are due.  Certain types of medical coverage do not pay for routine eye exams, and will only help with the bill if there is a medical problem.  Except for emergencies, prior to your visit verify with our staff insurance coverage unless you are familiar with the details of you coverage.  If you are provided care for services which are not covered by plans in which we participate, charges are payable when services are rendered unless prior arrangements have been made.  For medical services we accept cash or checks, and no credit cards.  If you should have any questions regarding fees or if you believe any charges were not appropriate please contact us so corrections can be made.

  Contacting Us


    Our E-mail is not encrypted, so it is requested that you do not send personal medical information if you contact us via the web. Please go to our  "From you..."  page for web communications.


    Fax: (302) 450-7438


    The snail mail address:
            Brett Elliott, M.D., P.A.
            POB 193
            Milford DE 19963-0193


User Agreement and Assorted Legal Details

    Pleases visit our User Agreement Page  that gives the details about this site's disclaimers, privacy policies, copyright considerations, and conflict of interest information. 

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