Starting October 1st,  2012 all applicants for an  Airman Medical Certificate were required to complete the FAA 8500 Application for Airman Medical Certificate  form using the MedXpress online tool as opposed to completing the paper application in the Airman Medical Examiner’s  (AME‘s)  office.

     The process is relatively straightforward.  First time users of MedXpress must create an account by logging onto and then click the “request an account” box. You enter your name, e-mail address, answer three security questions and agree to the user agreement.   A password is sent to your e-mail address, and then you return to MedXpress and login in using the password.  You are prompted to enter a new password of your choosing, and then you can start filling out the online 8500 Form.  The Medxpress opening page has a user guide, FAQ  section and contact phone number if  you have any questions or problems. 

    When you are finished Medxpress validates your application, and if there were no errors or omissions, you get a message saying the exam was successfully submitted.   If something needs correcting such as a question not being answered you get a message referencing the item(s) that need addressing.  You correct these, resubmit, and if everything has been addressed you see a message saying “Exam Successfully Submitted”.  Once the application has been successfully submitted you cannot change it.  After submission is completed, you  will receive a confirmation number on the screen and this is also e-mailed to you.   This number will be needed by your AME to complete the exam so bring it with you  at the time of your office visit.  It is not required, however If you are using a secure system I recommended that you save and if possible  print out your application.  

    The next step is going to your AME for the exam.  This must be done within 60 days of completing your online application as the confirmation number expires at that date, and henceforth  you will need to complete a new application.  At the time of the exam the AME enters your confirmation number, and your history is available for review.    At this point, what you entered can be changed if you realize this is needed, and the AME is required to attest that this was done under your direction.  Then you have the exam, and when completed the AME submits what you entered plus his/her findings.   Once the AME has submitted the application and exam neither of us can change it.  If there are no issues the AME prints out your certificate, you both sign it, and that completes the process.   

    When you  return to renew your medical certificate  in whatever timeframe is apropos for your age and class you return to the MedXpress log in page,  access your account  by entering name and password and a new 8500 Form will appear pre-populated with your basic demographic data, and you complete the process again.

    Using MedXpress decreases the paper the FAA receives, and I believe their goal is a paperless certification system.  Also having the 8500 form completed online insures that  all the items are addressed, and even airman who had completed the obsolete paper form a number of times occasionally missed a question.  


This page was last updated on   February 10, 2024