On September 1, 2004 the FAA released its final regulations with respect to the requirements and limitations of the Sport Pilot License category.  One of the perceived advantages of flying in this category is that if you have a current and valid drivers license in general you do not need an airman medical certificate.  However be aware that if  your current medical certificate has been denied, revoked or suspended, or if you have an application that has been deferred, until your application for a Airman Medical Certificate has been evaluated by the FAA  these situations will  preclude you from using a drivers license for the Sport Pilot License .  If your FAA Airman Medical Certificate application is ultimately denied  you will not be eligible to fly as a Sport Pilot using a drivers license. One may consider this the FAA's ultimate "Don't  Ask; Don't Tell" rule, however the FAA appears to take the understandable position that if they are aware of a medical condition that may adversely impact your flying ability they can not indirectly give you permission to fly.

    The FAA  has a page and brochure which describe the requirements, rights and limitations of  the Sport  Pilot Category, and information is also available in the public portion of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association  (AOPA)  website.

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